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Working from Home: All the tech you need for your home office     Click Here

Microsoft Surface Pro Price Revealed

Microsoft's Pro Tab surfaces a price, pitched at 25% above top iPad

Microsoft has confirmed a price for the Surface Pro 128Gb model and will cost the UK average joe 25% more than the most expensive iPad which is £639 and has the retina display and also 128Gb of storage. The retail estimates are £719 for the 64Gb model and £799 for the 128Gb model but thanks to the microSD slot, you can buy a cheaper tab and upgrade it for pennies.

Of course you will also need a touch cover, another £99 and a barn load of other accessories could well put the tab about the £1,000 mark. The theory is that this is supposed to replace your existing laptop and iPad combo but with MS only shipping 360,000 units to Europe, confidence doesn’t appear to be strong.

However, that said, Rob Epstein the UK Surface top dog said “strong anticipation for the Surface Pro in the UK”. Let’s hope they have learned their lessons from the fiasco of the US launch.

Everyone knew the Pro was going to be pricey, the main reason is because it runs a full blown Windows 8 install, it will also run all other legacy applications that you currently have on your PC or laptop. Whilst only available through the Microsoft Store, rumours of MS Account managers hounding resellers to ask if they would like to plug the Pro to their customers.