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Connectify Switchboard Announced

Needs to raise $100k but is already at 17% after 2 days

This little company in Philly is making internet history. They are previously known for creating software that takes all available internet connections and turning them into one, huge one. Videos seen previously show a Windows netbook stuffed full of 3G and 4G dongles, Wi-Fi plugs and what not (10 devices in total) which the Connectify team took on to their office roof and managed a download speeds of 85mbps!

Now, the Connectify team need to raise a stack of cash to make “Switchboard”. Basically all of your connections, Wi-Fi, LAN and mobile are all routed to a cloud based “Switchboard” server where it does all of the hard work. Here is an explanation from their Kickstarter page:

“When your browser opens up a web page like this one, it makes a whole bunch of connections (called sockets) to the Internet: one to grab each image, another to pull down the text, and so on. These sockets are then broken up into smaller parts (called packets) and Connectify Switchboard's channel bonding Speed Servers can spread the packets across all your Internet connections for increased speed. That means even single socket applications like streaming movies on Netflix and Hulu, uploads to cloud storage, and VPN access can all be given a speed boost with Connectify Switchboard.”