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Windows 8.1 Isn't A Service Pack

Microsoft says it's a free update, like there is a difference?

As we reported earlier, the new edition of Window 8 will not be called Windows Blue, but will in fact be called Windows 8.1, a free update that will be downloadable by all Windows 8 users that is set to improve the Windows experience, not to mention fix a few concerns from consumers.

So it's a service pack then? Well if Microsoft is to be believed, apparently not. Tami Reller, the Windows CFA was quoted saying that it isn't a service pack and should be seen as an update of the existing Windows 8 OS, but isn't that what a service pack does / is?

This could mean two things, the first being that Windows 8 is also due a future Service Pack and that Microsoft want to differentiate between the two updates, or that Microsoft is done with the Service Pack formula that they've been using since Windows XP.

This has a big impact on Windows 7 also as many are still waiting and expecting a Service Pack 2 for Windows 7 and as much as Microsoft hates to admit it, Windows 7 is still selling stronger than 8 and has a bigger user base that demands more updates.

Are continual updates the way to go for an OS, or should Microsoft be progressing with making vast improvements to the overall Windows experience?

“You’ll immediately benefit from continual updates – whether it’s from app updates through the Windows Store, performance updates through Windows Update or the Windows 8.1 update later this year” - Microsoft