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Windows 8.1 Is A Free Update

Microsoft set to unleash the new Windows 8 update very soon

Microsoft confirmed this week that the project known as Windows Blue will in fact be a free update for all Windows 8 users. The content of this update isn't exactly the best kept secret in the business of course and there have been multiple leaks and online sneak peeks over the last couple of months, but nothing unified and certainly no information on price, or what it's true purpose was.

No longer called Windows Blue, the new update is simply titled Windows 8.1 and will be free to download soon from the official channels.

A preview of the new OS will be available for download sooner of course and you only have to wait until June 26th to find out what it has to offer, although it is highly expect that it will bring an improved interface for those who wish to use Windows 8 on a non-touch enable device.

The big question on everyone lips however is will it bring back the start menu? Love or hate the new interface, Microsoft sure has created a fuss about that little button, I for one couldn't care either way but it would be nice to have the option to enable / disable it in some way.