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Memory Modules Designed For Gaming

AMD Introduces Radeon RG2133 & Upgraded AMD Radeon RAMDisk

AMD is making another push into the world of gaming technology this week as they announce their new Radeon RG2133 gamer series memory modules and the Radeon RAMDisk 4.1.

The Radeon RG2133 are the only memory modules on the market that have both AMP and XMP profiles and this aims them right at the enthusiast market and will no doubt go down well with gamers thanks to their high performance. Rated at 2133MHz with CL10 latency at 1.65V voltage, easy overclocking to 2400MHz on both AMD and Intel and bundled with a free copy of AMD  Radeon RAMDisk 64GB.

“AMD Radeon RG2133 Gamer Series Memory is armed with features designed to outperform the competition on any task. Designed with multi-platform compatibility in mind, the AMD Radeon RG2133 brings cutting-edge technology, as well as uncompromising quality and compatibility for PC gamers,” - Roman Kyrychynskyi, product director at the graphics business unit of AMD.

“AMD and Dataram have worked together to significantly enhance the dynamic background load-and-save feature in order to create a seamless, non-volatile RAMDisk experience. This underscores AMD and Dataram’s continued dedication to delivering the highest-performing memory products for PC enthusiasts,” - Jason Caulkins, chief technology officer of Dataram.

AMD has been taking plenty of steps in securing the next-generation of gaming for PC and everything from their work with developers on GCN cores, TressFX in Tomb Raider, high performance APU processors and of course more recently their integration of GPU and CPU technology for the next-generation of home consoles. Now with high performance ram and their RAMDisk software gaining traction, things could be looking up for AMD.