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8 Cores Do Not Matter Say Samsung

Octa-core chips have no place in the mobile market

Samsung was making a lot of fuss at the start of the year, promoting the benefits of octa-core chips in their smartphones and the benefits of the Exynos 5 Octa, but now they've changed their tune and said it really doesn't matter!

The latest Samsung smart device, the S4 is Samsung's first new device to feature the Octa-Core SoC yet most of the devices don't actually feature that new chip, but in fact have been fitted out with the Qualcomm 600 chip instead, so why the big change? Well Samsung are telling us all that the number of cores doesn't matter and quite frankly they're right, the only reason I can imagine they promoted 8 cores in the first place was because in marketing a device, bigger numbers sound cooler.

So will there be any performance difference dropping the four extra cores? Not a bit, Samsun's Head of Mobile Business J.K.Shin told CNET that the public won't notice the difference and likely won't even care about the change as both editions of the hardware offer a similar consumer experience.

There could have been other issues at work here though as we do know that Samsung has issues sourcing enough octa-core chips, which may have pushed them towards the quad core chips from Qualcomm, but at the end of the day, if performance is similar and the device is still a flagship device, no one will really care.