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Amazon Sets Targets on Apple

Amazon hopes to take Apple down a few pegs in the mobile market

The Managing Director of Magister Advisors, Victor Basta has warned Apple that Amazon is gunning for them full force and this could be a true case of unstoppable force vs. immovable object as both companies have the financial clout to battle it out for some time, but this is of course great news for consumers as it could even spark a monumental price war.

Basta said that Amazon has big plans to make it in the mobile industry, if it takes over that sector it will bring with it the knowledge and user base of devices such as the Kindle, as well as its online stores and distribution services that would offer up a service just as unified and varied as that offer by Apple.

“While Apple is clinging onto its hardware heritage, Amazon comes at the market from e-tail origins and has no such shackles. They are effectively on a trajectory to build 'the next Apple' but from a different direction,” Said Basta.

Amazon has been doing some shopping recently, nabbing its self SnapTell, IVONA, Yap, Touchco, Evi and more, all of which offer mobile services such as imaging, touch screens, mobile assistant software, text-to-speech and more, all the things you need to make a quality smartphone in today's market.

Amazon has the sales knowledge and the distribution setup to become one of the biggest players in the mobile sector in a very short space of time, if they get the hardware and the price right, Apple could very well have a long battle on their hands.