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Finfisher Creators Accused of Hiding Behind Firefox Branding

The Mozilla foundation has accused Gamma International - a UK based company of hiding behind the Firefox name

Finfisher is a government and law enforcement  surveillance software which is installed unknowingly by its targeted users. It is often installed by disguising itself  as an update for well-known programs, however the Mozilla foundation don’t appreciate it disguising itself as a Firefox update.

Mozilla’s chief privacy officer Alex Fowler said "Our brand and trademarks are used by the spyware as a method to avoid detection and deletion,".. "As an open source project trusted by hundreds of millions of people around the world, defending Mozilla's trademarks from this abuse is vital to our brand, mission and continued success."

The Hampshire based company has not responded to questions or chosen to comment on the Cease and Desist warning issued by the Mozilla Foundation.

In 2011 the BBC found documents in Egypt during the uprising which suggested Gamma International were in the process of trialling their surveillance software, which allowed to the Egyptian government to monitor the emails and encrypted Skype calls of activists.

Having recently published a guide on staying safer online, I hope this news article gives readers a little more motivation to take precautions and keep a keen eye on their system security.