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Judge Sides With Microsoft Over Motorola in Patent Case

Although Microsoft still has to pay $1.8 million it's not the $4 billion Google Motorola had originally sought

You may remember that this case started back in 2010 when Microsoft sued Motorola for ‘charging excessive royalties for licensing’ on patents used by Microsoft.  The ruling issued by U.S. District Judge James Robart is a turning point in what has become yet another patent battle.

Motorola (Now owned by Google) originally argued that Microsoft owed $4 billion for usage of their patented technology such as; the H.264 and 802.11 WiFi technologies found in the Xbox 360. Although Microsoft were willing to pay royalties for the use of the technologies but insisted that the charges Motorola were demanding were ‘excessive’.

In a statement Microsoft’s Deputy General Counsel David Howard said that "This decision is good for consumers because it ensures patented technology committed to standards remains affordable for everyone,"

However a Motorola representative was quoted to say “Motorola has licensed its substantial patent portfolio on reasonable rates consistent with those set by others in the industry,"

We hope that the ruling in this case opens the doors for other cases and investigations into what patent holders can charge other technology providers for using essential technological patents.