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New & Improved Search!

This week sees the launch of our brand-new search facility

Auto-complete search boxAuto-complete search box

Many of you have said that the search on our website is terrible and it is very hard to find anything. To be honest, we thought the same!

Our developers sat down with some strong coffee and had a good long think of what to do. They analysed every query people had typed in over the past 3 months and finally came up with something that we are quite proud of. The first improvement is auto-complete. As you type, relevant categories and products are automatically selected, saving you time.

The second improvement is the search results page. Besides actually returning relevant results in a sensible order, you can quickly further refine your search by clicking the categories on the left hand side. In addition, the display matches the rest of our site with proper product details and stock information.

New search results page with suggested categoriesNew search results page with suggested categories

The final improvement can be seen once you hit a category listing page. We have added a search box to our highly regarded filtering system at the top on the left. You can now choose to use the sliders and tick boxes in combination with search terms to find exactly what you need. While we were at it, we made the sliders more usable – give them a go.

We hope you enjoy using the new search facilities. The improvements are an on-going process, so we appreciate your comments and criticism to