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EA Restructuring Continues

Could be even more layoffs, including in the UK.

While it’s still unknown just how many souls EA have had to lay off recently, it is known that the company is pushing ahead with its restructuring efforts. What we don't know is just how far EA are willing to go to shake things up within the company, or if it will even work. The company has been pretty tight-lipped about its latest restructuring move, likely to avoid any further bad press from the public, although they do seem to attract bad press like a giant magnet so I doubt their efforts of privacy will help them much at this time.

Recent leaks are suggesting that EA has let staff go in both the UK and India, but we have no public announcement as to the number of layoffs, likely because they're still tallying the numbers of such a move. Either way, it sounds like it’s going to be a long day for anyone working at EA.

EA has had it hard recently, with a few game releases hitting major troubles, a poor earnings report, overly-ambitious sales targets (hence the poor earnings report), and not forgetting the resignation of their CEO, John Riccitiello. EA really have to get a grip of their finances, staff and plans for the future because even the biggest players in town can still fold if they don't play it safe.

There are a lot of wonderful and talented people at EA and as a whole, the company have helped produce several generations of mostly great games. Let’s hope they can find their groove again.