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Next Generation Tablet GPUs Shown Off

I'm going to game like it's 1999

So mobile device makers are excited about NVIDIA’s Tegra chips, however, a recently leaked roadmap shows something in front of Tegra. The current Tegra 4 chip that is making its way into factories has already been superseded by “Logan” and “Parker”. Both of these new chips will utilise NVIDIA’s CUDA technology with the Logan housing a Kepler GPU and Parker opting for a Denve 64bit ARM CPU and Maxwell GPU.

Whilst Maxwell isn’t due until well into 2015, Logan will be shipping early next year.

Footage of an “unknown mobile device” possibly running Logan, has been filmed. It shows a recent unknown iPad game and then the tablet running Battlefield 3. The differences are obvious such as dynamic lighting, particle effects HDR and even shadows. Jen-Hsun Huang (presenter) compares the iPad to a 1999 vintage game!










Powerful mobile gaming seems to be the future and we’re all watching!