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AMD Shows Temash and Kabini Systems

Next-Generation of AMD APUs Demonstrated

AMD seem to be on a good run of rock solid product releases recently, which it’s known that the company has been having an internal reshuffle, going through financial difficulties and feeling the strain of a slow market, I struggle to think of a company that hasn't! That being said, they've certainly still looking towards the future and that holds true in their latest video which demonstrates their next generation APUs.

The video shows a reference design tablet and a new convertible notebook/tablet, both of which are powered by the next-generation of AMD APUs, both of which are actually looking pretty darn good too. The tablet appears to be targeted towards business use but with a quad-core Temash APUs that uses Jaguar x86 cores and HD 7000 series graphics, it’s certainly no slouch. It even comes fitted with a "Turbo Dock" that contains a keyboard, extra ports and extra cooling to allow the tablet to run at higher speeds.

Next up we had the AMD A6 Kabini design, which uses a similar setup of four Jaguar x86 cores, HD 7000 series graphics, but it’s part of the lower power, entry level part of the market and while that doesn't sound that exciting, you can't feel too downhearted about a budget APU that can run games like Torchlight II @ 1920 x 1080 in DirectX11 @ 25fps, having owned this game myself, I know just how good it can look, so this is pretty impressive by any standard for a device of this size.

Now all we have to do is wait and see just how all this compares to Haswell, either way its certainly going to be one of the biggest showdowns of mobile computing we've ever seen.