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Raspberry Pi on Sale in USA

Quickly sells out shortly afterwards

The ever popular Raspberry Pi has finally gone state side as the US sees the release of the Raspberry Pi Model A in North America. Unfortunately it was in pretty short supply and like every other model and release of the famous little computer, it sold out almost immediately.

The ARM powered mini computer is no bigger than a credit card and while the A model is the lower end of the Raspberry Pi range, it is an amazing little product for only $25. It features cut down specifications compared to the Model B setup as it doesn't feature LAN, only has a single USB port and just has 256MB RAM compared to the 512MB of the Model B. This does, however, come with the benefit that it uses half the power and costs a little less. Additionally, it is simple to understand and setup, perfect for beginners and is hardly a rip off given the equally tiny price tag.

Allies Electronics have blamed their suppliers for the product having sold out. After selling out in less than a day there is no doubt that stocks are short and given the popularity, low price and high functionality of the device, it will be hard to ever keep up with demand.

Of course Americans can still pre-order a new one, but how long they’ll be waiting to get one is any ones guess.