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Supply of Intel Motherboards Running Short

Intel Based Boards to Become a Rarity

Intel's next-generation Haswell chips are right on the horizon and according to Digitimes, Intel’s own boards are going to become even rarer very soon. Intel has already stated that it will be leaving the motherboard business and if rumours are true they have cut back their motherboard orders by around 80% to around 100,000 units, a mere drop in the pond given the scale of the market.

Intel has already made promises to slow down motherboard production over the next three years, however it looks like the end is sooner than people think and Intel is already making big steps toward ending their motherboard production.

It seems then that with the launch of Haswell, Intel will be stepping out of the motherboard game and this plays well toward rumours that CPU solutions post Haswell could be integrated directly into the motherboard, which will have huge repercussions to their partners such as MSI and ASUS who develop their own boards for Intel CPUs.

There are still plenty of Intel based boards in production and you will have a few years of Asus, MSI, Gigabyte and more making boards for current and next-gen CPU solutions from Intel, but should you wish to have a purely Intel based solution, you best start bargain hunting now before stocks dry up.