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Be Quiet - Shadow Rock Topflow CPU Cooler Unboxing and Overview

With small form factor builds becoming more and more popular let alone more powerful we need a smaller cooler that is capable of keeping even the highest of performance processors cool, enter the Shadow Rock Topflow from Be Quiet, small, compact, high performance and virtually silent.

With all Be Quiet products it’s fair for you to expect one of the highest quality products you can get for your system. With stunning and innovative designs Be Quiet are changing the way we purchase products. No longer should you be caught between a tough choice of looks or performance.

The Shadow Rock Topflow is designed for those wanting a high performance cooler in a small form factor system such as a media centre (HTPC) or a smaller portable gaming PC.

Be Quiet have also recently added LGA 2011 socket support for this cooler and if required you can order your 2011 bracket here:

With the following features the Shadow Rock Topflow really is a great addition to any build:

Superior Cooling and Silence

Shadow Rock TopFlow is a low profile CPU cooler with high cooling performance of up to 160W TDP and very quiet operation.
Four wide 8mm heatpipes enable the high heat transference of the space saving cooler. be quiet!’s oversized 135mm Shadow Wing PWM-fan provides the CPU plus surrounding components with plenty of cool air with minimal noise.

Even at high fan speed, the Shadow Rock TopFlow guarantees a low noise of a mere 23.5 dB(A) and a high life span of 200,000 hours. The cooler supports all modern sockets of AMD and Intel and comes with a versatile mounting system.

Extremely quiet operation due to noise optimized be quiet! fan

The decoupled 135mm Shadow Wings PWM fan ensures a perfect mix of cooling power and noise production. The waveshaped contour on the cooling fins minimises noise and optimises the air flow.

Very high cooling efficiency

Four 8mm heatpipes transport the heat along the shortest path to the optimal point within the cooling fins. The TopFlow Cooler-Layout enables ideal cooling not only for the CPU but also for surrounding components.

Space-saving mounting

Perfect for use in desktop housing thanks to the low height of the cooler.

High-quality materials

Complete nickel-plated cooling element. Stable backplate for a shock-proof sit, even when the computer is being transported.


Three years manufacturer‘s warranty and toll-free hotline.

In the unboxing video below I’ll show you around the product and show you exactly what to expect when you receive yours.