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Facebook invests in ad monitoring software

Buys up Atlas Advertiser Suite from Microsoft

Facebook is big business, while clicking like on cat pictures, playing jewel match up games and reading about someone’s lunch might not seem that important, it is something that most of us do on Facebook, constantly throughout our daily lives. Facebook sell ad space, and while you’re wasting time playing games and reading someone’s status, you'll notice them cropping up here and there, but that's not enough for the company as it makes a push to measure the effectiveness of the ads it places on its website.

Facebook have just purchased advertising technology from Microsoft that can measure the effectiveness of the ads on the site, something that is said to help Facebook in its battle against Google for the online advertising market.

Atlas Advertiser Suite is capable of managing and measuring site ads, and while Facebook haven't said how much they paid for the software, Microsoft did pay $6.3 billion for the company aQuantive, where it acquired the software in the process, however Microsoft had all but given up on $6.2 billion of the deal after it found no use for the new assets, so this deal from Facebook could have either been a bargain or a lucky break for Microsoft.

Maybe some solid figures will finally help solve the debate; are Facebook ads effective? I'm sure there are many shareholders who would love to know just that.