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Sony Sets Target on the Mobile Market

Intends to become 3rd largest phone maker in the world

Sony have not been top of their game in the mobile market for a few years now, at least not in my own personal opinion, but they're not about to take these kind of opinions lying down and they have strong intentions of coming back to form very soon. Not only does Sony intend to come back into the smartphone business, but they have their sights set on being the third biggest phone maker in the world, which is no small order.

Why not number one you ask? Samsung and Apple, that's why. Sony aren't stupid, you don't just knock out the two most popular brands overnight, but Sony has intentions of leaving behind Huawei and out-doing both BlackBerry and Nokia Corp.

Kunimasa Suzuki, Sony's head of mobile business spoke recently at a briefing in Tokyo, stating that Sony wishes to win third place in the global smartphone market, adjusting their smartphone development for each market, tailoring high-end and low-end products to suitable markets.

"The fact that Huawei and ZTE now find themselves among the Top 5 smartphone vendors marks a significant shift for the global market. Both companies have grown volumes by focusing on the mass market, but in recent quarters they have turned their attention toward higher-end devices." - Ramon Llamas, research manager with IDC's mobile phone team.

It will be interesting to see what Sony has in line over the next few years. The company has had a hard time in the last couple of years and with the launch of their next-gen console on the horizon and many other investments in the pipeline it is clear that they're doubling their efforts for success. Personally I wish them luck.