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BeThere / Be Unlimited Sold to Sky

Time to jump ship?

Today it has been announced that Be has been sold to Sky (Be was previously owned by O2). There have been rumours that O2 were looking to sell Be for some time. One of the giveaways was that Be have not started offering fast FTTC connections – customers have been limited to a maximum of 16MB/s on standard ADSL, or have had to pay an extortionate amount for line bonding.

As a long-standing Be customer, I find this very disappointing news. For me, a combination of excellent customer service and a complete lack of traffic shaping at a reasonable price has meant I have never had a reason to switch away. Sky, on the other hand, have a reputation of overselling their network capacity and then relying on traffic shaping to stop things from completely grinding to a halt.

I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for alternatives and if I notice any degradation in service (of either kind!), I’ll definitely take my business elsewhere. Are you a Be customer? What do you think of this news? Feel free to vent your fury in the comments section.

I received the following email today:

Dear Timothy, It was in the news today that Be Un Limited is being sold to Sky. As you’re likely to have some questions about what this means, we wanted to let you know there’s information available right now here. There’s also a letter on its way that’ll tell you what’s happening and when. As your letter will explain, nothing is changing straight away and you don’t need to do a thing. Yours sincerely, Chris Stening Managing Director Be Un Limited

Unfortunately, the link does not (currently) work and the server times out. Apparently, the content that the link should display is as below:

Questions and Answers – The sale of BE Un Limited to Sky

O2 has decided to sell Be Un Limited to Sky. While nothing will change for you straight away, you may well have some questions. All the latest information can be found on this page and we'll update it whenever there's more news.

O2, our parent company, wants to focus on giving customers the best mobile experience, including next generation (4G) services. And this arrangement with Sky helps you get high-quality broadband from one of the leading companies in the market.

Demand for high quality internet access is increasing all the time. Sky focuses on offering totally unlimited broadband, including unlimited fibre services. All of which are available with or without Sky TV. They also share our commitment to you, recently being recognised by Ofcom and uSwitch for their excellent broadband customer service.
What happens next?

Nothing will change right away and you'll continue to get exactly the same broadband and landline service (if you have it) as you do now. You don't need to do a thing.
When will my broadband and landline be moved to Sky?

We expect the deal to be finalised soon, subject to Regulatory Approval and certain other conditions. We will then be moving your broadband and (if you have BE Landline) your landline to Sky, but this won't happen until later this year.

You'll get plenty of notice when it is time for your service to be switched over.
If I need help, who do I ask? You or Sky?

You should continue to contact BE in the same way you do now. Call us, raise a ticket through the Member Centre or talk to us via live chat.
What will moving my service to Sky involve?

Before moving your service, Sky will write to you with all the details about the transfer to their network. We'll work closely with Sky to make sure everything goes smoothly.
My landline is with BE. Does this affect me?

Yes. Both your landline and broadband services will move to Sky at the same time. You'll be able to keep the same number.
What can I expect to get from Sky?

Sky focuses on offering totally unlimited broadband including unlimited fibre services. All of which you can enjoy with or without Sky TV. Sky will be in touch with more details on what's available to you before your service moves over.
Sky offers fibre optic broadband. Can I get that?

Sky offers unlimited fibre packages to customers who live inside a Sky Fibre network area.
What about other changes such as my bill?

Nothing will change right away and you'll continue to get exactly the same broadband and landline service you do now. You can continue to manage your bill through the Member Centre.
Will I need to get a new router?

No. You'll be able to keep using your BE Box (though many of you choose to use an alternative model of router anyway).
What if I move house before you move my service to Sky?

You should let us know if you're moving home. Contact us on 0808 101 3430 or raise a ticket through the Member Centre and we'll be able to help you.
I have a Sky TV subscription. Is this affected?

This transaction does not relate to Sky's TV service. Your TV subscription with Sky will continue to be managed by Sky under your agreement with them. If you have any questions about your Sky TV service please go to

For now, you'll continue to receive news about your TV services from Sky, and any news about your broadband and landline services from BE.