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Dual Chip Malta to Beat Radeon HD 7990

Planned for Q2 2013

While the current Radeon HD 7990 may not be of interest to many graphics card partners, it is still a fantastically powerful card. Consider that AMD claim that their current Asus Ares II is the fastest card in the world and let’s also not forget the crazy Power Color Devil 13 HD 7990 card - it’s a little rare, but it packs a heck of a GPU powered punch. 


Things maybe quiet on the 7990 side of things, but this is mostly due to card manufacturers holding out for the next AMD range, codenamed "Malta". Malta is set to be the new dual chip champion for AMD yet for all the anticipation, no one knows what GPU is going to be at the heart of this dual core monster. We do know it will have clock speeds of over 1000MHz. We also know it is going to be extraordinarily powerful, and you can bet it is going to take a big chunk out of your bank balance should you want to buy one!

There is definitely a power struggle going on between AMD and NVIDIA at the moment. Sure this battle has been waged for a very long time, but more recently it seems to be getting to epic proportions and GPU prices are getting as crazy as the specifications. I see this new range of "ultra" graphics solutions as the Formula 1 of the gaming world, sooner or later their technologies will find their way down to the general consumer, but for now we just have to enjoy the show.

While there was hope that Malta would launch at CeBit, it now doesn't seem likely and the card is still pending a release in the later part of Q2 2013.