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AMD FirePro R5000 Released

AMD Tackle the Remote Graphics Market

Teradici and AMD have joined forces to create the all new FirePro R5000, a graphics solution designed to take on the remote graphics market. Teradici are well known for their workstation graphics virtualisation technology, at least in some circles, and that's something they have brought to the table with the new FirePro, a card that can handle multiple applications and save companies massive amount of computer space.

Intended for server deployment, the FirePro R5000 can offload both hardware and software tasks thanks to a hardware compression chip. This means that their PCoIP technology can take all of a business’s workstation hardware and combine it into a single datacentre solution. Why transmit raw data streams from your servers when you can transmit pixel information? A method that can save extensive amount of bandwidth, which in itself is a big cost saving solution; especially when it is capable of running four 1920x12090 monitors or even two 2560x1600 displays.

This is ideal for companies that are tight on space, where having dozens or more systems, desktops and laptops just isn't possible, giving them the option to use compact clients instead. AMD isn't selling the thin-clients that work with the R5000, just the R5000 back end systems. They have, however, certified some older cards that are based on the HD 4000 graphics to work with the Teradici technology.

It will be interesting to see how this stacks up against the VDI technology from NVIDIA. The technology is likely going to be welcomed by businesses that need all the power and more space saving for their system deployments.