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NVIDIA PhysX Still Present on PlayStation 4

AMD hardware isn't going to come between developers and their tools

The world was mostly blown away with the recent announcement of the PlayStation 4, most notably for its hardware specifications. While they may not have been the giant leap forward in terms of performance that we've seen in the PC GPU sector, it is still a powerful hammer blow to current "all in one" games consoles. The biggest aspect of this, however, is the AMD hardware that it will be running, most notably its APU like CPU/GPU combo.

NVIDIA Physx is a big part of games development and sure, not all developers use this tool, but there are many that do. Take Borderlands 2 for example which uses the Physx SDK extensively for particle and cloth simulations.

While NVIDIA software running on AMD hardware might seem a little strange, it is not that uncommon in the world of PC gaming where you can run your PC on a choice of GPU and CPU configurations. We are not entirely sure what format the SDK that will be utilized on the PS4 will take, but one can expect it to be CPU based as AMD tend to do things differently with their GCN cores of the GPU.

This information comes from the PlayStation 4 Tools & Middleware Developers webpage that clearly states the PlayStation 4 will have support for NVIDIA.


NVIDIA don't really own AI or animation tools, so one can only expect them to provide on the Physics aspect of this list. No doubt developers porting games from the PC will want this implementation and it would be foolish to dismiss the technology. Either way, next gen consoles games are going to be fantastic and it is good to see that Sony is giving the developers and of course the gamers what they need and want.