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EK Water Blocks' Block for the GTX Titan

First custom water block for NVIDIA's flagship GPU

EK Water Blocks are already well known for their premium cooling solutions and that is a trend they aim to continue with the release of the world’s first water block for the NVIDIA GTX Titan.

The NVIDIA GTX Titan is the most powerful single-chip graphics solution that NVIDIA make and with a price tag of around £1000 it is certainly not cheap. But with all this power comes the desire to get the maximum amount of performance for your money and enthusiasts are already crying out to water cool this gaming juggernaut.

The GTX Titan already features some ground breaking cooling technology and may not actually require a water cooling system to get its maximum performance, but that is not going to stop modders from wanting to push this card even further. Lower temperatures can allow for higher overclocks and the extra cooling will also go a long way to providing extra stability for those using this card in a 2x or 3x SLI configuration where extra heat build-up is almost guaranteed.

The new EK-FC Titan is a high performance full cover water block that will fit all the GTX Titan cards thanks to the reference design provided by NVIDIA. It allows for water cooling of the entire card, including the GPU, RAM and VRM sections, all of which are vital to performance. The high flow design will work well at transferring heat from these vital components.

The block is made of electrolytic copper or nickel plating dependent on which model you desire, combined with either acrylic material or POM acetyl, again dependent on model. The design of the blocks means you can even install up to four of these coolers within an ATX form factor, which goes a long way to making this one extremely versatile component, perfect for the power house that is the GTX Titan.

With prices of around £75-£85, it is not cheap, but if you are in the market for a £1000 graphics card, price is hardly the issue here and if it allows you to get maximum performance from your card, then it is worth every penny.