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Google to Open Retail Stores

Could Google have a contender for the Apple and Microsoft brick and mortar stores?

Consumers in the US can rejoice as Google sets about plans to open a retail chain, which will help improve the sale of their related gadgets and software. Apple and Microsoft alike already have a firm foot in the retail sector; it was only a matter of time before Google stepped up to compete against them on the high street.

Google and more importantly the Android platform are huge but when it comes to buying a device that runs Google hardware and software you need to visit a 3rd party re-seller, mobile phones store, or computer shop. It makes sense that Google would want to cut out the middle man and make direct sales of their own hardware units.

It is unclear at this time what Google intends to sell, as the company itself does not have a huge range of devices. Perhaps they have more products in the pipeline, but it stands to reason that they would sell a range of other company’s devices that already sport Google technology, for example Samsung and HTC.

This will also boost customer knowledge and support, as having real people that can convey knowledge on these devices is one of the major benefits of a physical store. Being able to get hands on with a device, speak to knowledgeable staff and more could go a long way to strengthening the Google brand overall.