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Google Working with Credit Card Companies to Stop Piracy

Assisting with plans to shut down funding for illegal websites

Piracy is a big problem. You could argue with me that it does or doesn't hurt various sections of the industries involved all day long, yet one fact that remains is that most of the practices behind piracy are still illegal. It doesn't take long to find countless websites online that offer up various servings of movies, music and much more for you to download. This is a big problem for the people who produce original content, only to have it pirated.

Google is looking to join forces with major credit card companies to help kill off pirate sites. They intend to do this by targeting sites that link directly to pirated material and prevent them from making money from the content. By blocking funding to these websites the goal would be to force the sites out of business if they have ignored previous legal challenges to take the site down.

Google is said be backing this plan to ensure that the system isn't abused, worried that this method could be used to stamp out competing sites, so are on hand to offer advice and support to the credit card companies involved.

There aren't many details to go on at the moment, but we can look forward to a full announcement of these plans sometime over the next few months.