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Intel's 10nm Future Takes Shape

Israeli fab getting ready to make 10nm chips

The manufacturing process for computer hardware is ever advancing. Most important is the size of the manufacturing process used to develop and produce each generation of CPUs. Given that Intel consistently upgrades their fabrication facilities, always looking to use the most cutting edge tech in the ever going battle to produce the super small components of ever shrinking CPUs, improving this process is definitely one of Intel’s specialties.

Kiryat Gat, Israel is where Intel makes Ivy Bridge processors. These are constructed on the 22nm process and while the next gen architectures will be using 14nm technology, that isn't the case for Israel, who will skip 14nm to better prepare for the future 10nm tech in a few years time.

The fabrication plant will proceed with Ivy Bridge and eventually Haswell using current technology, skipping the next-gen Broadwell product range which will be fabricated at other Intel plants, paving the way for Intel to stay ahead of the competition in coming years and making sure they're ready to keep their clients happy with the latest and greatest in CPU technology - at least in theory.

"The average life of a technology is two to six years so we need to be busy to get the next technology, 10nm. We need to get a decision far enough in advance to be able to upgrade the plant. So for 10nm, decisions will need to be made this year," said Maxine Fassberg, general manager of Intel Israel.