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Can it be true, no new GPUs from AMD for the majority of 2013?

Can it be true, no new GPUs from AMD for the majority of 2013?

Devon Nekechuk, AMD’s product manager for desktop graphics products in an interview with Japanese publication has revealed that AMD won’t be launching any new Radeon GPUs in 2013. He has said that instead AMD would finish the year on its current Radeon HD 7000 series’ performance, with price drops to keep the product stack competitive and driver updates to improve performance in current and future games.

This news may come as a shock to some, but is an indication that both AMD and Nvidia have decided to slow their product lifecycles down from the string of rapid product launches that happened between 2007 right up to 2012. The cost involved in making improvements to the technology, marketing the new products and dealing with out of date inventory can be hugely financially taxing on any companies research and development budget and presents a challenge for marketing teams having to declare the next latest and greatest product annually.

Nvidia is in a position with its Kepler architecture to provide updates such as clock speed increases, additional software features that don’t involve the redesigning of silicon etc. However with AMD coming out into the open and declaring its products will not be updated in 2013 could change Nvidia’s plans for a revamped line-up. If Nvidia can avoid launching new products and just challenge AMD’s products with driver updates and price adjustments it could save a lot of cash.

It could be a barren year for PC graphics enthusiasts, let’s just hope it isn’t.