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CCL Elite Raven II PC for Gamers wins Gold Award!

The popular Elite Raven II games computer has won the prestigious Gold Award from review site!

Our hugely popular Elite Raven II Gaming PC has won its first award, no doubt the first of many. By combining the very best of the parts to make this PC we have created one of our highest rated PCs for gamers ever. is one of the most highly rated review sites in the UK right now, with a reputation for thorough reviews leaving no stone unturned on only the best hardware available it is one of the toughest review websites to grab an award.

The Raven II could not be rated higher by, to win the Gold Award they gave it 8/10 for performance. This is a huge achievement as they are used to reviewing computers costing twice as much so the pressure was really on the Raven II to punch above its weight. This is reflected in the 10/10 rating for price! With the presentation also scoring a 10/10 and rounding off the systems 28/30 overall score it is easy to see why it was deserving of the Gold Award.

Here is the conclusion of the review:

“Let's get a few things out of the way first. First of all, the system was a pleasant surprise - CCL have managed to build a PC that is very capable and versatile which is priced very competitively at £499 (inc VAT).  At that price point it's important to make the right choices in the right places. Cutting corners can prove costly for both the consumer and retailer themselves. This is where CCL have hit the nail on the head and done so with the force of Thor smiting one of his foes!

One of the things we feel have been achieved successfully is value for money. Whilst the Raven II is no heavyweight in the world of PC's, it's certainly a pound for pound contender that is punching several levels above its weight class - much of which is credited to choosing the right tools for the job. It would have been easy for CCL to have thrown together a much lesser spec'd system and priced it at the same price and some end users may have been satisfied with those results, however what they have managed to bring together is a well-planned, thought-out system which, combined with a bit of witchcraft - is something a little special.

Usually there is always a price to pay with a pre-built gaming system and for those looking for a powerhouse system delivered to their door that is readily built for them - It's hard to come across anything more impressive in the sub £500 price bracket. Add this together with a keyboard, mouse, monitor and speakers of your choice - you will have a PC you will be happy with for quite some time.

Performance is something that the Raven II delivers in spades. The 7850 does the job nicely with almost all of the games we tested and it would continue to do so for a long time to come. It may not be able to run 'every' game maxed out with 8x AA and 16x AF but to be honest if you expected to achieve that with this system, then you might be missing the point a little. Whilst the Raven II is ultimately a 'Jack of all trades' it surpassed all expectations and delivered consistently good results throughout.
To end this review, the Raven II is a very well-rounded system for anyone who wants a system that will handle almost anything 'well'. Its value for money is something that is impossible to ignore for a system of this specification. It remains quiet when under the stress of gaming and synthetic benchmarks and it is put together with thought and attention to detail by the CCL team.

A well deserved Gold award.”

For anyone wanting to read the full review here is a link to the review on

The CCL Elite Raven II PC for gamers is available for purchase from our store.