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EA speaks out about next-gen hardware

Sony and Microsoft will drive sales, not Nintendo

John Riccitiello, the Chief Executive Officer of Electronic Arts has said recently that he expects the next generation of games consoles from both Microsoft and Sony to increase the sale of videos games and that they will both be popular among consumers. Which is all good and well and pretty much expected, but he's also spoken unenthusiastically about the Wii U, mostly due to its lack of performance compared to the upcoming rivals from Sony and Microsoft.

“As you might well expect, we know more about the roadmap, and more about what's coming in consumer electronics, in terms of the specifics of devices that will play games, than you might otherwise be exposed to. […] I would not say that we see much correlation between the results that Nintendo has just shown with their console debut of the Wii U, and what we see coming. We see a pretty sharp distinction; unfortunately, I am unable to go any further than that,”

If the rumours are true about next gen hardware and I have it on good terms that they are, given that the word "leak" can hardly apply to the raging torrent of information that has been flooding the internet over the last few weeks regarding intricate specifications of both upcoming consoles, then EA could be onto something and you can bet your fortune that if EA sway away from the Wii U over the next year or two then others will do the same. One does not simply ignore the will of one of the biggest gaming publishers and producers of the last few generations.

“We believe that fiscal 2014 the point of departure, the starting point for a new era of gaming and a growth period for the best game companies. We are confident that EA's brand, platform and talent will separate us from our competition and allow us to lead in this new era.”

What are your thoughts, do you think the Wii U is next-gen or simply a late entry to the current generation of gaming, made to capitalise on the fact people just wanted something "new". Let us know in the comments section below.