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SteelSeries Flux: Luxury Edition Headset Review

Portable, stylish and cool, but are they any good?

There is no doubt that SteelSeries are a big brand, not only are they popular in the UK but they have proven themselves on a global scale with their range of gaming peripherals. The SteelSeries Flux headset is clearly marketed and designed for those who love to game on the go, with their compact size, folding design and trendy interchangeable side panels that make these perfect for those that not only care about their gaming but also about their style.

Today we have the Flux Luxury Edition headset, the Luxury Edition features silver, orange and black design, leather cushions and special interchangeable side plates which come packaged in this simple yet effective presentation box. The headset comes well laid out in the box and thanks to the clear plastic lid we get a great view of the headset, its cables and some of its accessories.

Along the side of the box we have the specification of the Flux


• Frequency response: 18 – 28000 Hz
• Impedance: 29 Ohm
• SPL@ 1kHz, 1 Vrms: 118 dB
• Cable length: 1.2 m + 2 m = 3.2m
• Jacks: 3.5 mm


• Frequency response: 50 – 16000 Hz
• Pick up pattern: Omni-directional
• Sensitivity: -38 dB

The Flux Luxury Edition is pretty well equipped in terms of extras too, in the box we found the headphones (obviously), attached to the headset are a set of removable side plates and in the box we found an extra set of gloss black side plates, these side plates attach to the back of the ear cups and add a little touch of customisation to the headphones. A protective carrying case to stop scratches when you put the headphones in your backpack, multiple detachable cables and headset extension cables all with high quality 3.5mm gold plated jack plugs.

The included cables allow you to switch semi-permanently between headphones or headset, the headset option includes a reasonable quality inline microphone and the headphones include easy to use inline controls.
Dual input jacks also allow you to switch which side of the headphones connects to the microphone and even use the second jack to connect to another headset, effectively a headphone splitter so you and a friend can listen to the same audio source.
Given the range of connection options for the Flux, they are clearly perfect for multiple applications be that listening to music, movies or games at home on your computer, or even more so for mobile applications thanks to their compatibility with mobile phones, handheld gaming devices and more.
For testing it only seems fair to get out and about while using this set but not before I put them through their paces at home to see how well they handle music, movies and of course gaming. After a few listens to a few of my favourite tracks and a few random songs for good measure it was clear that the Flux were more than capable of handling solid audio reproduction. Given the small size or the ear cups I was impressed at how rich and full the bass tones were while sacrificing nothing in terms of higher frequencies, just what you want from a good set of headphones.

Moving onto the microphone I opted for a quick Skype call and while there was nothing to shout about in terms of performance of the microphone it was of a solid enough quality to make a call or chat while gaming, I like to think of the microphone as a welcome extra rather than a focused selling point for this headset, it’s still better than most headsets on the market but not quite as good as a dedicated chat headset.
For gaming I fired up the audio intensive gaming environment of Battlefield 3, it’s a game that really throws around low end bass frequencies and special sound effects with great regularity and I am happy to say that the Flux performed superbly.
Now for the mobile applications, while I’m not really going to focus on sound quality anymore, the headsets already proven its self in this area, I do want to discuss their portability and comfort. The folding design really lends its self to the portability side and while it’s not really a space saving solution it does make them easier to store in their protective pouch and the folded position makes it less likely that you’ll snap one of the adjustable arms with the headset chucked in a backpack.

The over ear position of the cups (due to the compact size) does tend to cause a little slip when moving, the headband is quite supportive but I would have to say their better suited to car journeys, sitting on the bus, train or some light walking. If you want a good headset for going for a jog, riding a bike or similar higher energy activity, look elsewhere.

On the plus side, the soft leather padding is very comfortable and the fact that the design isn’t “over ear” means there is plenty of breathing room, this prevents the chance of the dreaded sweaty ear! All in all a big plus on long term comfort from the Flux.

Overall I’m really impressed with this set, sure it may not be the cheapest but it is highly versatile and why buy one set for at home, another for your mobile phone or handheld games console, maybe even another for Skype (you get the idea), especially when you can have one headset that is a jack of all trades. It’s stylish, customisable, has excellent sound performance, rock solid build quality and the SteelSeries name is cool to be seen in, I highly recommend the Flux Deluxe Edition.