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Intel to Give Stephen Hawking an Upgrade

Could assist with his ever decreasing rate of communication.

Intel is touting a new technology which they say can increase Hawking's communicating rate. As you may already know Hawking suffers from a severely advanced case of Lou Gehrig's disease which has seen his mobility reduced to near nothing for a large proportion of his life and in recent years his ability to communicate has dropped to a painstaking one word per minute.

Intel provided Hawking with the technology for his speech in the early 90's which he controls with the muscles in his cheek that allow him to speak using his ever more famous digitised accent. This task however is becoming even harder work for Hawking and his rate of moving the cursor using the current sensors has seen his word count plummet, which for a great mind who has endless amounts of knowledge to communicate must be extremely frustrating.

The new technology from Intel however may get Hawking back up to 10 words a minute using the well-known system of Morse Code. Sure 10 words per minute doesn't sound like a lot, but it’s still ten times faster than he can currently communicate and combined with better word prediction, a new character driven interface and the prospect of facial recognition software could make things even faster still.