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NVIDIA's GK11 Graphics Card

Flagship "Titan" card will blow you and your wallet away.

It's that time of the year again, NVIDIA have had one hell of a run with the 600 range of GPU's and their current consumer level flagship the GTX 690 has done them proud. That being said, the boys in the NVIDIA lab never rest and are always at least one step ahead in creating the next "big thing" in terms of graphics performance. So enter the GK110 graphics processing unit, NVIDIAs highest performing single-clip solution ever created, code name "Titan".

Titan takes its name after the supercomputer Titan that uses Tesla K20X compute cards from NVIDIA, which are in fact based upon the same chips as the GK110. NVIDIA are reportedly aiming for 85% of GTX690 performance from the single chip, it's just a shame exact specifications are still a little scarce for the new hardware.

What we do know about the GK110 however may not make it to a retail / consumer model, equipped with 15 SMX clusters and 2880 stream processors. The Tesla K20X cards that are based on the same chip set feature one 14 SMX (+1 redundancy) and 2688 stream processors. With a staggering 7.1 billion transistors in the GK110 that can offer 8-9TFLOPS of single precision compute performance, we can only hope it doesn't lose much in the development process.

With great power comes great responsibility and this 700 range card won't come cheap, in fact it’s going to be bit of a wallet buster at $899 and that's taking into account that NVIDIA partners will only be allowed to change the sticker on the side of the cards cooler.