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Corsair Hydro Liquid Coolers

New H90 and H110 introduced with 140mm fan.

Corsair has announced their latest closed loop water coolers, the H90 and H110 liquid coolers which both come fitted with larger 140mm fans, not 120mm fans like their previous models.

The new H90 features a 140mm radiator, a single low speed, but high pressure 140mm fan. These two combined will offer better performance over the previous 120mm setup of their other coolers, as well as less noise over previous models.

The H110 is fairly self-explanatory too, with a 280 x 140mm radiator and a pair of 140mm cooling fans which again offer lower RPM but higher static pressure to help reduce noise but maximise cooling efficiency over previous models. This is simple cooling logistics, if you move air over a radiator at a better pressure you will remove heat from it quicker and make it cool your components better, add to that a larger radiator with a larger surface area and that effect is compounded.

Closed loop coolers are more popular than ever and for good reason too, sure you can get some amazing custom loop systems if you’re willing to put in the effort and cost, but the plug and play format of these closed loop systems is too easy to ignore.

The H90 and H100 are working their way into the UK and will be available from CCL shortly.