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Facebook Announce New Feature..

New search ability to steam the falling share prices

Facebook has announced some changes they call “The Third Pillar” which is their own ecosystem. Mark Zuckerberg is adamant that the new ‘Graph Search’ is not a web search utility. The new search only searches for products and Facebook’s own features so cannot be classed as direct competition according to Mark.

Mark used such words as “early”, “challenging”, and “beta” to help explain how the search was progressing in development, how he found the challenges that the search had presented as well as having to manage his expectations. I’m sure Mr Zuckerberg knows how much is riding on the new search, as without it Facebook’s share price will most indefinitely suffer at the hands of Wall Street. Many analysts will not see this as an added feature to Facebook but as Zuckerberg plugging a major hole in Facebook’s feature list.

As you may be aware Facebook has vigorously fought against search giant Google from indexing their user base and as a result have had to develop their own search engine. Zuckerberg has stated that one of the major problems is managing the burden of this search as up to 10% of Facebook’s processing burden is on computing privacy settings and being able to search users will increase this.

Facebook are hoping that this new search will be sufficient enough to satisfy users and Wall Street that the doubts that they have with Facebook are plugged with Graph Search but I’m sure Google are hoping against such success…