In what may seem like an overdue feature, Microsoft have finally launched their ‘Play’ service which allows you to play select Xbox Live Arcade games on your Windows 8 and Windows RT device. At launch there are only 15 games which have been optimised for the cross platform experience.

"Get your game on with this amazing line-up of titles from Microsoft Studios. Our games have something for everyone, from casual puzzlers and high energy racing to immersive adventure and non-stop arcade. For Xbox fans you’ll also find your favorite features like leaderboards, multiplayer modes, connecting with friends, and more. All Microsoft Studios titles let you try before you buy; check them out today!"

The available games which include “Solitare”, “Pinball FX2” and “Ilomilo” to name a few, are available through the Windows Store. The move is no surprise with Microsoft trying to create a fluid experience between platforms and allowing for the full integration of Xbox Live profiles across all devices. 












While the current line-up is nothing to shout about and looks designed more for the casual, on the go, mobile user, it is a step in the right direction and is exciting to see what the future will hold for the platform as it competes against Apple’s already well-established eco-system. 

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