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Apple and Amazon Told to Kiss and Make Up

Judge orders tech giants to try and settle out of court.

I’m sure that most of you wish that all these technology companies would just stop suing and counter suing each other for copyright infringement but all I have to say about this story is it’s news so we'll report it!

With that in mind, tech giants Apple and Amazon have been slugging it out for the last two years over the use of the term ‘App Store’. In what I see as a common sense move, the US judge presiding over the case has asked the two companies to go away and talk about this to try and get it settled out of court.

In case you don’t know about this, Apple is saying that the term has been trademarked by them while Amazon argues that the use of the term ‘App Store’ should be generic for everyone to use.

The court has set both companies a mandate of the 21st of March to try and reach a settlement that both companies can agree on which means they must bring their attorneys and other legal team that have the full power to negotiate and possibly settle the case.

This tactic is a similar to one ordered by Judge late in the Apple v Samsung case, and both companies were unable to reach common ground… let us see what happens after the 21st.