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Nintendo Have A Major Restructure

The games giant merges their handheld and console divisions in an effort to streamline development.

In a move following in line with their new policy, Nintendo have merged both their handheld and console divisions in a single division. This new policy is part of a general organisational restructure that will see the new department called ‘console and handheld’ (who thinks up these names, they are genius). It has been reported that this new department will be based in Nintendo’s new development facility in new Kyoto which has been touted to have cost around £212 million to build.

The merge will go ahead later this month and is one of the biggest organisational changes that Nintendo have completed in around nine years. The reason for this merger is to integrate and allow for the sharing of resources and knowledge giving faster turnaround of games and hardware to market (and I’m sure cutting costs as well).

It has been rumoured that Nintendo want improved interaction between its home system, the Wii U and handheld 3DS and the merger will help facilitate this ideal. Also the new research and development has been given an on-going remit to research potential gaming solutions for both home and handheld market.

I personally would love to see greater integration between handheld and none handheld devices not just for Nintendo but Sony too