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Arma III Game Developers Released From Jail

The Greeks really don't like you taking pictures.

Two developers from Bohemia Interactive, famous for its Arma titles, have been bailed from a Greek jail after being arrested in September 2012 for allegedly taking pictures of secure military installations and aircraft. Some very fine work from the Czech diplomats see the pair, Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar, to be released after a payment of €5,000 (about £4,160) is made.

Ivan Buchta (Left) & Martin Pezlar (Right)Ivan Buchta (Left) & Martin Pezlar (Right)

The offence was on the island of Lemnos after the pair wanted to visit as tourists since going there as part of the data gathering team on earlier visits. Their employer, Bohemia, have been in trouble with the Greek authorities on such matters before for using video shot in Greece for use in one of their game worlds.

Bohemia has yet to officially release a statement, but developer of DayZ, Dean “Rocket” Hall spoke out on twitter:

“Ivan and Martin have been bailed after 128 days! This is the greatest news I could ever receive! Can’t wait to see them.” He also linked to the official site dedicated to their release:

The release does not end there. The two are due back in court in Greece later this year but no dates have been specified to the Greek judges (and most of the country) being on strike.