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Call of Duty Snubbed by Gearbox

The games studio turned down the chance to create Call of Duty game...

Randy Pitchford, Chief Executive Officer and owner of the AAA game studio Gearbox Software revealed today that he turned down the offer from Activision to take up the Call of Duty series. He commented saying that “I don’t really see a challenge there for us. It wouldn’t enhance our reputation as a studio and it wouldn’t really motivate our team.”

He also went on to give more detail about the reason why he turned it down stating that Call of Duty had to be created with a certain set of rules in mind to please the fans of the series and Gearbox software would not be able to put its own unique style to the series. He also went on to comment about the fact that he would be more likely to return to Gearboxes own shooter the ‘Brother in Arms’ IP.

Randy also went on to say that “This is a very individual opinion and not meant to sound condescending.” That he was only explaining why he himself decided not to take on the Call of Duty series at Gearbox.

Saying that there have been a number of top game studios that have taken on the highly acclaimed Call of Duty series such as Sledgehammer Games, Infinity Ward and Treyarc but this makes me wonder if some IPs are becoming toxic for game studios.