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Tiny Z3ro Pro

Teeny tiny PC goes even smaller.

This new device from Xi3 Corporation has brought form factors to a new low. Literally. The device measures 4.875 x 3.625 x 1.875 inches and is a fully usable desktop computer. The unit uses all solid state components and is powered by a dual core 64bit x86 based processor running at 1.65GHz and sports 4Gb of DDR3. There are 4 combo eSATA/USB 2.0 ports and you can choose from 16Gb SSD up to an impressive 1Tb SSD.

The unit is also upgradable thanks to its SLID3 technology allowing you to attach additional storage to the units chassis. The companies site claims that users can be using the latest Windows OS within 25 seconds as well as supporting many other x86 based OS’s.

And you thought Thin Clients were small!

What’s even more is that you can actually attach two monitors via a HDMI port and a miniDP port which is very unusual for a machine this small. Even more impressive is the units total power consumption of 15 Watts making it a very eco friendly device. 

SLID3 storage unit

Head over to their site for more info here. The company has some very cool modular PC’s to cover a wide range of scenarios.