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Handshake Between Google and Microsoft

Google picks up handbag in patent tiff.

Google's feud with Microsoft has been partially put to bed as the Big G has dropped some of its patent claims for the H.264 when it (Google) purchased Motorola. Microsoft had issues with that and had been wanting a licence. As a result of the Federal Trade Commission's ("FTC") recent judgement, XBOX owners will still be allowed to watch streaming video without worrying that Google will pull the plug.

In what would appear to be the first steps, Google has decided to drop some of its claims against Microsoft. This appears to now be the thing instead of suing the company, licence the issue which would suggest that a techno-peace is on the horizon. However, Google still have a myriad of suits pending worldwide and at least one against Microsoft.

Let's hope that now works on my Windows 8 phone!