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Asus Reveal Their Smart Tablet

With Windows 8 being a few months into its launch, there hasn't been many commercially available Windows 8 products that combine the tablet experience and laptop experience together in an X86 package.

Enter Asus with their Asus Smart Tablet.

This is a Windows 8 X86 device, powered by Intel’s Clovertrail, very similar to the Acer W510. It has an IPS panel and the same 1366x768 resolution, coming in at 10.1".

This product unlike the Acer W510 however doesn't have a keyboard dock in the same sense, it seems closer to the Surface kick stand in similarity, but has rather a unique spin on it, in the form of a flexible cover, which can be used to create a stand of its own.

For a keyboard, Asus don't offer a keyboard dock, however they do offer a wireless keyboard, combined with the flexible cover/stand, I prefer this optional over the traditional dock/keyboard combination, as it gives more flexibility. The keyboard, like with Surface, can also be attached to the tablet.

The Asus Smart Tablet comes in at $499, starting at 64GB as compared to their RT tablet at $599 and 32GB. Is this a sign of price drops on the RT products? In specification and productivity, the Smart Tablet offers more to the end user than the RT based tablet (Mainly from the inability to run X86 applications). Asus also offer 3 years of their cloud storage with 32GB available to the end user which is always good to see.

At the rear, the device has an 8MP camera, it also has a 2MP front facing camera. Wireless connectivity comes in the form of Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11n WiFi. Lastly, the device is complimeted with a micro HDMI port, a micro SD reader and a micro USB port.

Asus have denoted that the battery life should be around 8.5 hours.  However your mileage will vary on your usage.
Looks to be a very interesting product.