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New Lower Power Ivy Bridge Processors

Intel debut their new 7 watt processors aimed at ultrabooks and tablets.

Intel has now officially announced number of low-power versions of its Ivy Bridge processor line for ultrabooks and tablets. The new chip range will draw much less power than the current mobile processors, suggested as low as an amazing 7 watts total! Which is a whole 10watts less than their current line-up of low-powered CPU’s which clock in at, 17 watts. So as you can see this is a massive drop on Intel’s part. This shows how serious they are in getting into the mobile market where ARM has mostly dominated in recent years.

Intel stated that the new low power chip will allow for thinner and lighter tablets and laptops with longer battery life if using its new chip. It also has made the bold claim that the new chip range has up to five times the performance of the Nvidia's Tegra 3, which I found is one of the fastest tablet chips on the market.

The company has confirmed that the low powered chip will be the heart of Lenovo's upcoming IdeaPad Yoga 11S, but we're also expecting to see one of the chips in Microsoft's upcoming Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet, due for release at the end of this month.