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Microsoft Signs $617 Million Deal with US Department of Defence

A potential life line for the slow to market OS.

Since release of their latest OS, Microsoft hasn’t had one of their most successful launches with the latest and innovative OS, Windows 8, seeing few early adopters. That could be set to change however having landed a $617 Million contract with the US Department of Defence, which will see the OS along with other Microsoft products installed on 1.5 million computers within the Pentagon.

The supposed three year, $617 million contract is the most comprehensive agreement between the companies and gives the Army, Air Force and Defence Information Systems Agency access to all the latest Microsoft software that Microsoft claim will benefit greatly from programs such as Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013, Microsoft’s file sharing platform.

“Microsoft has longstanding relationships with the U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force and DISA, and we are honored to expand our support of ongoing technology modernization efforts across all three organizations,” said Tim Solms, general manager of Microsoft’s Department of Defense Business. “This agreement enables us to provide the best technology tools to an incredibly broad range of servicemen and servicewomen across the DoD, and we are looking forward to implementing to support their mission goals.”

The Windows 8 operating system introduced a completely new ecosystem and work flow which has been loved by some and hated by others in the media but this new deal could turn things around and rejuvenate interest. A huge organisation such as the DoD signing such a deal validates the OS and gives credibility and affirms the idea that it is industry standard so smaller business may uptake the OS. With such a large amount of people using and learning the OS in the workplace, it will also benefit on a consumer level.