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Important Update: Industrial Action at Royal Mail causing delays to collections and deliveries. Click here for more details.

Consumer Electronics Show to Kick Off Tomorrow

What big tech innovations will we see this year?

It is that time of year again when manufactures and tech-heads flock out to the scorching Nevada desert for the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Starting on the 8th of January and running through till the 11th, CES is one of the largest technology trade shows and each year attracts manufacturers from around the globe, eager to show off their latest line of products. In the past it has seen the introduction of technology from the VCR player to the Blu-Ray Disc to more recently, the Ultrabook. With CES inching ever so closer, rumours and speculations are rife on the internet as to what this years “big thing” will be.


Of course, as is the case with every CES, we will see TV companies such as Samsung and Panasonic showing off their massive, ultra high definition displays that will never see consumer release. They will probably be continuing to push consumer 3D displays as well as possibly introducing more consumer level 4K displays and flexible and transparent displays. Samsung have teased a new TV they will have on display which turns the tables, quite literally, with a portrait aspect ratio. A little strange considering that all TV content is in the 16:9 ratio. We will have to wait to see where Samsung is going with this.

Mobile Platforms:

There will probably be some android and Windows tablets and phones on show boasting ever increasing specs from manufacturers such as Intel, HTC and Google.  There is talk of a new 10.1 inch Asus tablet running Jelly Bean 4.1 and a Tegra 3 processor. We may even see a Samsung QWERTY tablet or possibly a Galaxy S4. In an LG CES trailer we saw the possibility of an Optimus G2 mobile handset, boasting a 1920x1080 display.


In terms of camera manufacturers, I think we will see more Android powered devices, focused around apps and social media integration – very much like we have already seen with the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Polaroid has already announced that they will be showing off such a camera which will sport interchangeable lenses and a micro four thirds design.


In the computer market, we have already seen Swiftech announce its new closed waterloop system, ROCCAT with its Ryos Mechanical Keyboard, Razer with its Orbweaver gamepad and nVidia unveil “Project Shield” but it is no doubt we will see more gamer orientated gear from all the major manufacturers.

Chipset Manufacturers:

With chipsets, we will more than likely hear more from Intel’s mobile department with a rumoured quad-core scheduled for a 2014 launch in order to compete with ARM. Today, nVidia announced their Tegra 4 mobile processor to replace their popular Tegra 3. The Tegra 4 is based on the ARM Cortex-A15 CPU and will be powerful enough to push a 4K, ultra high definition image. There is also rumour that LG will begin manufacturing in-house CPUs to power its line of Smart-TVs.

It looks set to be an exciting CES this year with lots of rumours of what we might see but there is one thing we are sure not to see, Microsoft. Microsoft announced last year that CES 2012 would be their last CES appearance. Whilst they may not be there in person, we are sure to see a huge amount of new Windows 8 enabled tech. Keep your eye out for updates on all the announcements over this week.