Latest Reviews

CCL Computers at Insomnia 51

CCL attend the first Multiplay event at the Ricoh Arena

Deus Ex - The Fall Review

A return to the very yellow world of Deus Ex

Attitude One Vintorez Gaming Mouse Review

The first in a series by Dave of potential products, highlighting some brands that we may carry in future.

Strider (2014) Review

One of Capcom's less well known series gets a modern revival.

Ducky Leather Wrist Rest Review

Quack Quack with a bit of Moo Moo?

Windows 8.1 Update

Another batch of changes to Windows 8 are released.

Metal Gear Solid V - Ground Zeroes

Dan takes a look at the latest game in the popular Metal Gear Solid series, it may be short but is it worth a look at for fans?

CCL Look at the Vertex 460 240GB SSD

Is this latest drive from OCZ worth looking at? We certainly think so, find out more within!

Kingston 16GB DataTraveler microDuo Review

Dave takes a look at one of Kingston's newest and smallest USB drives.

The Legend of Zelda - A Link Between Worlds Review

Dan takes on the latest adventure in the Legend of Zelda series.

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 G3 Review

I have to say, it's pretty metal!

Wenger Pegasus - Review

A Break from hardware reviews, Dave gives his thoughts on a replacement for his old Alienware backpack.

Sonic Lost World - Review

Dan takes a look at the latest game in the Sonic series

Grand Theft Auto V - Review

A bit overdue you might say, but better late than never

NVIDIA GTX 750 Review

We pit NVIDIA's new card agains the old stalwarts.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes - Review

Mark takes a look at the latest lego game.

Batman : Arkham Origins Blackgate - Review

Dans last superhero review for a while takes you to Blackgate prison.

Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition - Review

Two reviews rolled into one great tome...

Battlefield 4 - Multiplayer - Review

Mark is back with another review.

CM Storm Quick Fire Ultimate - Review

Is this the ultimate gaming keyboard ?

How the Saints Save Christmas - Saints Row IV DLC Review

It's Christmas, so why not sit back and relax while reading Dan's latest review

Soulcalibur II HD - Review

A retro-ish review of HD re-release of Soulcalibur II

GAMDIAS Eros Headset Review

You may not have heard about GAMDIAS

In Win 904 Case Review

Another stylish case from In Win but is there more substance?

In Win GT1 Case Review

A case from In Win given a test drive....

Windows 8.1 Post Launch Review

It's been a while since the update came out so lets see what Dan thinks

Batman Arkham Origins - Review

Dan becomes the Dark Knight.....The French Dark Knight

A4 Tech Bloody Gaming Mouse Review

A Bloody Gaming Mouse Review, just in time for Halloween!

Saints Row IV - Review

Collect Shiny Things Simulator 2013

Akasa DuoDock X WiFi - Review

Dave takes a look at a new product from Akasa

Shogun Bros. Ballista MK-1 Pro Gaming Mouse - Review

A look at the MK-1 Ballista from Shogun Bros.

Flashback - 2013 - Review

Dan takes a look at the newly reimagined Flashback.

CM Storm Reaper Gaming Mouse - Review

We let loose the Reaper Mouse to see how it does in our tests

Far Cry Blood Dragon - Review

Dan takes on the role of Sergeant Rex Power Colt MkIV Cyber Commando, a real man.

Toshiba LX830-137 23" All in One - Review

Tom takes a look at the latest and maybe even the best value Toshiba all in one to hit CCL's Shelf

CM Storm Pitch - Review

Do the Pitch stand up to CM Storms quality standards? find out inside

Kingston MobileLite Wireless Reader Review

What can this little box of tricks do for you?

Splinter Cell Blacklist - Review

Sam Fisher is back, Dan takes us through his latest mission

Dragon War - Dragunov and Leviathan - Sample Review

Taking a look at two interesting mice from the east

Sleeping Dogs Review

Dan takes us through the shady world of Sleeping Dogs

Gunpoint - Review

This game has spies and hacking what could be better.

Far Cry 3 Review

Dan takes us through the forests on an Island near the Malay Archipelago

Sample Review 2 - Dragon War darkSector keyboard

Another month, another sample. This time a new gaming keyboard from Dragon War hit my desk

Hotline Miami - Review

Dan gives us his experience of Hotline Miami

Gigabyte GTX 760 Windforce 2GB Review

Best of the upper midrange cards ? We put this card to the test

Asus GTX 670 DirectCUII - Review

We put this card to the test

Tomb Raider (2013) - Review

Dan steps up and takes us through the latest iteration of the long running Tomb Raider series.

CCL Choice ITX Case Review

We look at the secrets of this little case and see whats what

Review of Be Quiet!'s Dark Power Pro 10 vs. Power Cool X-Viper

In this review I will be looking at two 850w power supplies, one from the well-known company Be Quiet! and the other being the less well-known Power Cool. I will be comparing features to see how stable they are powering 2 x 680s in SLi and also just how quiet they are when under a heavy load.

Roku LT Review

Lets get ready to Roku!

Acer Iconia B1 Tablet Review

It's Cheap it's Cheerful and It's Blue, well at least on the sides

Roccat Lua Gaming Mouse Review

Mark takes the Roccat Lua gaming mouse for a spin

Tesoro Shrike Review

Martin takes a look at the Tesoro Shrike, testing it's size, weight and longevity when it comes to some mad gaming sessions.

Sample Review 1 - Fun and Funky Bag - Red Rose

In the first of the series we look at one of the products we received as a sample

Plantronics Gamecom 780 Review

We're reviewing another headset oh my !

The Last Of Us - PS3

SPOILERS - Mark Reviews the latest outing from Naughty Dog

Coolermaster Test Bench V1.0

CCL puts the Coolermaster Test Bench V1.0 to the test: let's see if it wins the war and tames the cables!

Touch 2.4 GHz Ultra Mini Backlit Wireless HTPC Keyboard

A simple and smart all in one mini keyboard

Plantronics Gamecom Commander 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound Headset

This is not the greatest review in the world..this is just a Tribute

Saints Row 3 - The Full Package (PS3)

Review of the Saints Row 3 (Formats: X360, PC, PS3) Game

NOTE: This is an 18 rated game. Read no further unless you are of age!

Bioshock: Infinite - The Review (PC)

Check out Mark's review of Bioshock: Infinite - one of the biggest games to grace the PC in recent times and available as a bundle with many of our graphics cards!

SimCity (2013) PC Review

We take a spin in the latest city builder from EA

Netgear WN3500RP Review

In this review I'll be taking a look at the bigger brother to the WN1000RP and giving you a run through of its features

Cooler Master HAF XB Unboxing and Overview

The HAF XB fills a void, a void created by the need for a system that is easy to access and change but also is suitable to be transported safely.

Versus Sound-Deck Soundbar Unboxing and Overview Video

In this article I'll be showing you the fantastically priced Versus Sound-Deck, a TV / Monitor sound bar which doubles as a stand. It's a great piece of kit for the price and really sounds the part.

Cherry ZF 5000 Wireless Desktop Unboxing and Overview

In this article I'll be looking at the wireless desktop keyboard and mouse bundle from Cherry, in stock now at a fantastic price.

CCL Professional Series Case Unboxing and Overview

In this article we'll be looking at this fantastic case for many uses and applications, from high end gaming systems to workstations.

AOC E966SW-N 18.5" LED Monitor Unboxing and Overview

In this article we'll be looking at this great little monitor from AOC, 18.5" LED backlit VGA monitor ideal for office and home use

Samsung S24B300BL 24" Full HD LED Monitor Unboxing and Overview

Today I'll be taking a look at our hugely popular 24" monitor from Samsung, they're selling like hot cakes and given its sleek lines and attractive price, you'll see why

Office 2013 & 365 Review and Overview

In this article I'm going to be looking at the latest design features in the newest version of Microsoft's Office application suite.

Netgear Centria WNDR4700 Storage Router Review

The Centria won awards at CeBIT and we were keen to see exactly what it has to offer.

Netgear N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router WNDR4300 Review

With more and more households getting more complex networks, can this new Netgear N750 cut the mustard for modern homes?

SteelSeries Flux: Luxury Edition Headset Review

Portable, stylish and cool, but are they any good?

Acer G6 Series 21.5" Full HD LED Monitor Review

A simple monitor solution with a subtle price tag.

Netgear WN1000RP - Wifi Booster Review

If you suffer WiFi deadzones, this is the affordable device you've always needed.

Fujitsu AH512 Laptop Review

With ever more powerful tablets available, is there still a market for lower priced laptops running Windows 8?

Ducky DK-9008 Shine Review

The duck that goes; click clack, not quack quack. Mat takes the Shine 1 for a spin and give us the skinny on the switches.

Corsair H80 Hydro Series High Performance CPU Cooler Review

With all in one watercooling solutions becoming more widespread I decided to give the H80 a run for its money and see just how cool it really is.

Asus Vivobook S200E 11.6" Review

A touch screen netbook that really unlocks the features of Windows 8 without the input limitations of a tablet.

Cooler Master CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Review

I get hands on with the sucessor to the CM Storm Sentinel Z3R0-G and the Sentinel Advance for another gaming mouse review.

Gigabyte Z77 Motherboard Line-up and Feature Comparison

Steve takes a look at 3 choice Gigabyte Z77 boards for a rundown on features and some insight into which one may suit your needs.

Assassin's Creed 3 PC Review

Does sitting in the Animus still entertain?

BenQ G2750 27 inch LCD Review

The affordable feature packed monitor for the experts at BenQ.

Roxio Game Capture PRO HD Review

Capture, stream and share your gaming experiences.

Are "Special Editions" really special?

Software, Games and even Consoles.

Cooler Master - CM Storm Sentinel Z3RO-G Gaming Mouse Review

The most comfortable mouse I've ever put my paws on - but is it worth the cash?

CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Keyboard Review

As mechanical keyboards make a comeback CM Storm bring you the Trigger and Martin is here to smash the Cherry MX's and give us a review.

Roccat Kave 5.1 Surround Sound Headphone Review

The 5.1 headphones that pack a punch without hitting the wallet.

Saitek X52 Pro Flight Control System Review

Martin requests to taxi his desk and take off with this immersive flight control system from Saitek.

Synology Disk Station 111 Review

Martin gets technical with network attached storage as he takes a look at this one disk wonder from Synology.

QPAD MK-50 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Review

Mathew hits the keyswitches, not only to type out this review but to put the QPAD through its paces and give us some tactile feedback.

Iiyama ProLite E2773HDS Monitor Review

A 27" gaming monitor you say? Set graphics to stun!

Halo 4 Review

Diving into the first Halo title from 343i.

Ducky Dragon Mechanical Keyboard Review

Peter fearlessly faces the stylish dragon keyboard.

CCL Elite Zeus II Overclocked Motherboard Bundle Review

Martin takes a look at one of our best selling overclocked bundles the Zeus II.

Guild Wars 2 PC Review

Has NCsoft brought new life to the MMORPG genre?

Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe mITX Review

Asus prove that size really isn't everything with this powerhouse of a Z77 Mini-ITX board.

Zotac ZBOX Plus Giga HTPC Review

Does this Zotac system have what it takes to win a place under your TV?

Dragons Dogma PlayStation 3 Review

Can this ambitious RPG really compete with the other big RPG's of this generation?

Oversized Gaming Surface Round Up

Michael takes a look at 3 of the largest gaming surfaces we have in stock and gives his mouse the run-around to find out which one is worth the cheddar.

Sennheiser X 320 Headset Review

Does this Xbox headset live up to the Sennheiser name?

FTL: Faster Than Light Game Review

Martin takes a look at the indie Kickstarter game that started it all...

BenQ RL2240H 22" Gaming LED Monitor Review

Built with RTS gamers in mind, does this monitor live up to its own hype?

Review Asus DSL-N55U Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router

Martin takes a look at the high end ADSL+ Router from Asus and gives us his input on its throughput

Google Nexus 7 16GB Review

Martin takes a closer look at the new Android based Google Nexus 7

Review: Creative Wireless Music System

Add Sound Blaster wireless music streaming to you PC with ease

Review: MicroLab FC360 Speakers

In this review Peter takes a look at our mid range speaker system the MicroLab FC360

DiRT Showdown PC Review

Putting the pedal to the metal in Codemasters latest racer

Max Payne 3 PC Review

Max takes another bullet for the team, but is this new adventure all entertainment or just another payne?

Review: Gainward NVIDIA GTX 660 Ti Phantom

Martin takes a look at NVIDIA's latest GPU and puts it through it's paces for this benchmark and review.

Review: AMD Radeon 6870 Crossfire Benchmarks and Review

Martin is dual graphics card mad this week putting two 6870's through their paces to see just how they compete against todays big hitters

Review: NVIDIA GTX680 SLi Review and Benchmarks

Martin wasn't happy testing just one GTX680, he wanted a second to really push the performance

Review: NVIDIA GTX680 Review and Benchmarks

Martin takes the NVIDIA GTX680 to it's limits and pits it against some of the latest and most demanding games available today. Then overclocks it and does it again

Review - SteelSeries SRW-S1

In this article Connell takes a look at the SRW-S1 USB racing / simulation wheel from SteelSeries

Review - Sound Blaster Recon3D Fatal1ty Professional

In this review Michael takes a look at the latest installment of the Fatal1ty range with Sound Blaster's Recon3D Fatal1ty Professional.

SSD Review : Samsung 830 Series 256GB Solid State Drive

Connell takes a look at the Samsung 830 series solid state drive and gives us close look at its performance

Gigabyte Z77 G1.Sniper M3 Gaming Motherboard Review

This week Martin takes a look at the mATX Z77 gaming board from Gigabyte