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Christmas Orders and Delivery Times

Final dates for delivery this Christmas at CCL.

Fallout 4 performance boosted by SSDs on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Fallout 4 is tested on an OCZ ARC 100 SSD to improve performance on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

FREE CCL Elite Iron Crafter PC giveaway!

We are giving away one of our CCL Elite Iron Crafter PCs for free this month, enter to win!

Play Expo 2015

Dan and the CCL team attend this year's Play Expo for another round of fun and games.

EGX 2015 Birmingham

The CCL team travel to Birmingham for the yearly EGX show to see some of this year's biggest upcoming games.

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Performance and Problems

Ahead of his upcoming review, Dan takes a look at the widely reported issues with the new Batman: Arkham Knight game.

Button Mash XI

Fun and games at a gaming event in our home town of Bradford

Play Blackpool 2015

Fun and games at the Blackpool Play exhibition

Play Expo 2014

The CCL team return to the annual Play Expo

CCL Computers at Insomnia 52

The CCL team return from another iSeries event

CCL Computers at Insomnia 51

CCL attend the first Multiplay event at the Ricoh Arena

CCL @ I50

Better late than never, here is Dan's look back at the last Insomnia event in Telford

Play Expo 2013

Dans thoughts on the Play Expo

Benchmarking in Focus - Fraps

Just another entry, listing the features of Fraps

What is SweetFX ?

A quick look at a program that makes your games look less like a game

Gangnam Style Turns 1

Video has garnered over 1.7B views

Benchmarking In Focus - 3DMark

Another entry in our series about benchmarking programs

Benchmarking In Focus - AIDA 64

Another entry, showcasing programs that are available to test and benchmark your PC

Benchmarking in Focus - PC Mark 7

Another entry, showcasing programs that are available to test and benchmark your PC

Does anyone really need a £2K+ PC ?

Mark asks the question

Benchmarking in Focus - Catzilla

A New series showcasing some of the programs available that you can use to benchmark and test PC's

What is in a Sample ?

In a new series of articles we hope to lift the lid on some of the stuff that comes into CCL, by offering product reviews and presenting arguments on why it did or didn't make the grade.

Connected Data Transporter - Two Weeks In...

BLOG 2: Tom continues his adventures in the world of The Cloud. For those who have not come across the Transporter before, it is quite simply an ingenious NAS device that emulates services such as Microsoft's SkyDrive and the ever popular Dropbox.

Game Length

Can a game be too long ?

Connected Data Transporter - The future of Cloud storage?

BLOG 1: Tom takes a look at the new Transporter from Connected Data that allows anyone, anywhere to setup their own cloud storage system.

Dizzy numbers of the week

Some people live in a different world to rest of us!

Is this going to be bigger than the internet and save the UK economy?

This could potentially rewrite the rules of manufacturing

Loose Change

You might have more money than you think.

Custom mITX Server Build - Part 3

Martin continues building the mITX HyperV server with lots of images!

RPG Classics Part 1 - The Witcher 2

Taking a look at some of the finest RPG games ever created.

Waking Dead Blog: Introduction

This blog will be a kind of mini-walkthrough/review, I'll start this post by giving an introduction to the walking dead series, and aspects of the game, so in my other blog posts, I can get straight to the action.

Custom mITX Server Build - Part 2

Martin's motto is plan, plan, plan and then plan your build some more!

The Sims 3 - Is enough enough?

Are EA having a laugh with the reproduction of old Sims expansion packs? They could well be, but fans will need to vote with their wallets to get EA to take notice!

Custom mITX Server Build - Part 1

Martin guides you through the picking of parts for his awesome mITX server build in this 5 part blog.

The Hunt For Missing Reindeer Is Over!

Christmas went ahead as usual this year thanks to our reindeer hunters helping Santa get them all back in-time to set off on Christmas Eve.

The conversation that changed my rendered world! Part 5

Ponderings of a 30 year old gamer..

Games Worth A Lifetime Part 5 - Lights, Camera, Action!

The best games of our lifetime that deserve your attention.

AMD Never Settle Game Bundle 2/3 - Hitman: Absolution

While I will do my best to avoid spoilers in my discussions of games it's not always possible to do so when conveying why and where a game excels or falls short.

The conversation that changed my rendered world! Part 4

The gaming world according to Guba.

Day five at Insomnia 47 - Take down and pack up

Ready, Steady. GO HOME!

Day four at Insomnia 47 - The lull before the pack-down

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Day three at Insomnia 47 - Chaos and More


Day two at Insomnia 47 - Opening Day

The conversation that changed my rendered world! Part 3

The meet, greet and drinks in the pub....

Day one at Insomnia 47 - Setup Day

Setup, stay up and work till it's done.

Games Worth A Lifetime: Part 4 - Platformers

The best games of our lifetime that deserve your attention.

Retro Games of Today: Part 3

Grand theft pockets. Your money and your life.

The conversation that changed my rendered world! Part 2

My views on gaming, gaming, and well, I guess, gaming.

Games Worth A Lifetime: Part 3 - Racing

The best games of our lifetime that deserve your attention.

Retro Games of Today: Part 2

A Syndicate Lottery... Not a winner

CCL are heading to Multiplay's Insomnia 47 for More Multiplayer Madness

*singing* The CCL team are packing their bags and are off to LAN for the servers.

Games Worth A Lifetime: Part 2 - Action And Adventure

The best games of our lifetime that deserve your attention.

Retro Games of Today: Part 1

Long lost, found and lost again Civilization.

Games Worth A Lifetime: Part 1 - RPG

The best games of our lifetime that deserve your attention.

A thank you from the CCL team to all those at Multiplay Insomnia 46

Tom expresses CCL's thanks to those who attended ths years i46

It's All About Steve (Part II)

Time to get to know the editor of CCL Tech

It's All About Steve (Part I)

Time to get to know the editor of CCL Tech

What's new to CCL this week

Our weekly blog bringing you the latest products to arrive on our website.

About time, 1366 x 768 finally becomes the most popular screen resolution

After years of dominance 1024x768 finally gives up its dominance of PC resolutions

It is time to finally retire your faithful Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX

Arguably the greatest graphics card of all time is set to finally fall behind the pace of game development, after almost 6 years...

Why developers and publishers are only hurting their paying customers in their attempts to stop the pirates

Uh-oh, Steve has heard that he might not be able to play and trade new titles for the next-gen consoles and has a bitter aftertaste.

What's new to CCL this week

Our weekly blog bringing you the latest products to arrive on our website.

Nvidia GTX 680 launch, well done Nvidia - AMD take note

Tom (CCL Purchaser) muses over the success of Nvidia's GTX 680 and AMD's failings on product launches.

What's new to CCL this week

Our weekly blog bringing you the latest products to arrive on our website.

What's new to CCL this week

Welcome to a new weekly blog on CCL Tech bringing you the latest products to arrive on our website.

Win a Samsung SSD

To mark the launch of their 830 series solid state drive, Samsung SSD is offering you the chance to win. It's simple - just explain the benefits of an SSD in a way your mother would understand. The best or funniest entry will win the ultimate gaming PC courtesy of Samsung.

Flooding in Thailand massively disrupts hard drive availability

Thailand's worst flooding in decades is set to last at least another month according to reports from the country's prime minister, yet the repercussions for the UK IT channel could last much, much longer.

AMD Bulldozer Predictions and Expectations

The following will be both what I predict to see from Bulldozer (based on some of the information we have seen) and partly what I'd like to see happen. I must state, this is speculation on my part so could be way off of the mark though I'd hope that wasn't the case.

What is your main PC configuration?

What processor and graphics card are you running?

Humble Indie Bundle Returns!

Back in July I wrote a blog informing you of the third Humble Indie Bundle. Another bundle is upon us and this time comes with a great bonus.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution First Impressions

For the past few days I've been playing the much awaited Deus Ex: Human Revolution. While the game is set as being a prequel to the original, I haven't played the original or Invisible War so these impressions are as a newbie to the series.

Ex-WoW addict's views on the Razer Naga - Part 2

So I got the Naga out of the box and had a go at using it in game. Mixed feelings so far but holds a lot of promise...

Ex-WoW addict's views on the Razer Naga - Part 1

I will be taking a look at the Razer Naga over the coming weeks to see if it really can claim to be the best MMORPG Gaming Mouse out there. Having used the Steelseries WoW mouse the first impressions of the Naga are very good!

Buying for University - Jonathan's Views

Some of Jonathan's views on buying for University

Buying for University - James' Views

James' views on buying for University

Buying for University - Connell's Views

Connell shares his views on buying for University

The Humble Indie Bundle

Everyone loves a game they can sink many enjoyable hours into, especially when the money they've used to purchase the games can do some good. The Humble Indie Bundle allows you to do exactly that.

Catherine's Wheels - A Perfect Day in France (for a female cyclist)

Our foreign correspondent is following the Tour de France whilst enjoying a few creature comforts and lots of chocolate.

When is too old... too old to play video games

Is it possible to be too old to play video games or are the generational divides dropping as more and more generations have grown up with PC and console gaming being the norm?

Forbes Solicitors

I think it should be a question of what is in the best interests of the estate...

Eyefinity - Is it really worth it?

I take a look at AMD's Eyefinity running outside of the clinical showroom environment and see if there are any benefits to the gamer or are the triple monitor options just not ready for the big time.

Ich spreche nicht Deutsch!

Hallo und willkommen zur CCL-Tech Deutschen ausgabe! Folgt Antec, das wir jetzt nur auf Deutsch auf alle nachrichten screiben weden. Wie uber das!

Desire users will no longer be left out in the cold with Froyo brain freeze

When it comes to operating systems Android users are no strangers to fragmentation, and those with HTC devices are some of the worst affected.

Greenpeace finally make me smile

If you remember that cute Volkswagen commercial that has been running for the past couple of months with the kid dressed up as Darth Vader and attempting to use the force you will enjoy the Greenpeace videos...

My experience and views on 3D Gaming

I am not going into too much into the history of 3D in general, just my experience with 3D. 3D has been in our lives more in the form of stereotropic with the red and blue lenses which are available with comics and the odd film.

The infallible nature of Information Communication Technology security

I feel like a good old British moan about the state of information security, the hacking groups responsible for what amounts to Cyber Terrorism, the corporations and governments affected and little old Joe Public (Me!) whose information is being exchanged for jokes and potential financial gain.

What is your favourite brand of laptop?

What is your favourite brand of laptop?

Robotic cars are coming, and I am thinking not before time!

Don't get me wrong I love driving, but not on the motorway for hour after hour following a line of other people who have probably got better things to occupy their time. I say let the car take control on the motorway and let me get on with answering my emails.

Google, have you ever heard of BCC?

It will happen to everyone at some point, selecting CC instead of BCC in an email client, but its not something you expect one of the biggest email providers in the world to do...

Leicester City Council has been forced to admit it is "unprepared" for a Zombie attack... is anywhere in the UK safe?

A concerned citizen sent a Freedom of Information request to the council to ask if they were prepared in the case of a Zombie invasion. The horror movie fan author has insisted the possibility of such an event was one that councils should be aware of and be prepared for.

What mobile operating system do you use?

What mobile operating system do you use?

App'y Life?

Have mobile phone apps taken over our world? Do you run your whole life using apps?

SSDs - Preconceptions prior to testing

As a pre-cursor to my testing of a solid state hard drive I thought I would pen down my opinions on the drives before using one for the first time.

Why would you sell a Kidney for an iPad 2?

Over the weekend news has been trickling out that a Chinese teen has gone to extreme lengths to get his hands on an iPad 2, selling one of his kidneys to get the popular gadget.

Mac Defender... Not defending your interests

By now you have no doubt heard of the Mac Defender malware, its big enough news to even creep into the papers. Apple has decided after initially holding its hands up and rightfully claiming user error to respond to the issue by releasing an update to Mac OSX that will automatically find and remove the malware.

The problem with netbooks is they are not laptops

Netbooks are wonderful devices but if you come across one of the limitations then its a show stopper, I put down some general thoughts on Netbooks in 2011.

Windows Live Essentials.... almost essential!

A controversial opinion no doubt but needs to be said...

Why SSDs are brilliant

You don't need to look very hard to see that solid state hard drives are popping up everywhere now...

Why I use OSX, why I'm not a fanboy

It's always amusing when looking at a youtube video or reading comments on any Apple product where users of alternative operating system such as Windows or Android will dive in and try to pick the products to pieces...

Windows 7 overtakes Windows XP as the most popular desktop operating system in the US

According to Pingdom (www.pingdom.com) Windows 7 has finally carved out a 31.71% market share in the US market. This is significant as XP is at 31.56%, Vista accounts for a scary 19.07% with OSX taking 14.87%. What could this mean?

Western Digital Purchase Hitachi's Hard Disk Drive Division

Western Digital who are consistently one of the top two hard drive manufacturers in the world announced on Monday that it has agreed to purchase Hitachi's Hard Disk Drive Division. What does this mean for the hard drive market?


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