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Func announce HS-260 Gaming Headset

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Headsets & Microphones


Asus Headset Banner

The Vulcan Pro offers great sound quality and is perfect for FPS gaming when you use the USB sound card. The FPS mode and virtual surround sound features really enhance the gaming experience.

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Manhattan Elite Stereo Headset

Manufacturer: Generic   CCL Code: SPK1555
Mnfr Code: 178044

£9.94 inc VAT


Hama AH-100 PC Headset stereo

Manufacturer: Hama   CCL Code: SPK1480
Mnfr Code: 00011592

£10.07 inc VAT


Genius HS-04SU
Headset with Noise
Cancelling Microphone

Manufacturer: Genius   CCL Code: SPK9034
Mnfr Code: 31710045100

£10.20 inc VAT


Microsoft LifeChat LX-1000 Noise-Canceling Headset Emea Eg

Manufacturer: Microsoft   CCL Code: SPK1470
Mnfr Code: JTD-00008

£10.99 inc VAT


Sandberg X-RayCamo Headset

Manufacturer: Sandberg   CCL Code: SPK0292
Mnfr Code: 125-72

£11.52 inc VAT


Asus HS-101, High-performance Silicon in-ear Headphones

Manufacturer: ASUS   CCL Code: SPK1317
Mnfr Code: 90-YAHI3110-EA00-

£11.53 inc VAT


Plantronics .Audio 326 Headset

Manufacturer: Plantronics   CCL Code: SPK0789
Mnfr Code: 80933-15

£11.59 inc VAT


Logitech H110 Noise-Canceling Stereo Headset

Manufacturer: Logitech   CCL Code: SPK1224
Mnfr Code: 981-000271

£11.94 inc VAT


Asus HS-101 Headset (Black) for Notebooks

Manufacturer: ASUS   CCL Code: SPK1460
Mnfr Code: 90-YAHI3210-EA00

£11.95 inc VAT


Creative Headset HS-390

Manufacturer: Creative   CCL Code: SPK3204
Mnfr Code: 51MZ0305AA005

£12.28 inc VAT


Plantronics .Audio 440 Portable Headset with Noise Reduction Microphone

Manufacturer: Plantronics   CCL Code: SPK3197
Mnfr Code: 37860-01

£12.44 inc VAT


Plantronics .Audio 345 Behind-the-Head Enhanced Multimedia Headset

Manufacturer: Plantronics   CCL Code: SPK3193
Mnfr Code: 37855-01

£12.70 inc VAT


Microsoft LifeChat LX-2000 Headset 1 License

Manufacturer: Microsoft   CCL Code: SPK1467
Mnfr Code: 2AA-00009

£12.84 inc VAT


Trust Pulsar Headset

Manufacturer: Trust   CCL Code: SPK1164
Mnfr Code: 16904

£13.79 inc VAT


B-MOVE Sound Wave Urban DJ Stereo Headset, Black/Blue

Manufacturer: Generic   CCL Code: SPK1556
Mnfr Code: BM-AUB02

£13.91 inc VAT


Logitech H150 Stereo Headset

Manufacturer: Logitech   CCL Code: SPK0739
Mnfr Code: 981-000350

£14.21 inc VAT


Logitech H150 Stereo Headset (Sky Blue)

Manufacturer: Logitech   CCL Code: SPK0370
Mnfr Code: 981-000368

£14.57 inc VAT


Plantronics .Audio 622 Stereo USB Headset

Manufacturer: Plantronics   CCL Code: SPK0794
Mnfr Code: 87329-05

£14.94 inc VAT


HP H2300 In-Ear Blink Pink Stereo Headset

Manufacturer: HP   CCL Code: SPK1659
Mnfr Code: H6T17AA#ABB

£15.18 inc VAT


Creative HS-450 Gaming Headset
Cushioned Earpads, Inline Remote

Manufacturer: Creative   CCL Code: SPK3318
Mnfr Code: 51EF0100AA004

£16.93 inc VAT