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Razer to Make Own Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Could this be a game changer? (more)

CM Storm Trigger-Z Launched

Successor to the original Trigger soon to be available (more)

Ozone announce Strike Pro backlit mechanical gaming keyboard

Yet another mechanical gaming board. (more)

Tesoro announce full RGB backlit keyboard

First ever full colour illumination mechanical gaming keyboard. (more)

Ducky release new firmware upgrade for Shine 3 keyboards

Improves compatibility and adds new features (more)

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Here you will find out extensive range of keyboards, if you looking for a wired keyboard, a wireless keyboard or maybe even a high specification mechanical gaming keyboard  we are confident that you will find a suitable keyboard here.  We have all the latest models from all the big named brands including Microsoft, Cooler Master, Logitech, Ducky, QPad and loads more.

Precision Forged to Win. For years, gamers have trusted Corsair products to build some of the most powerful gaming PCs on the planet. Now you can command that same advanced engineering precision to change the way you play with Corsair Gaming mice, mouse mats, keyboards, and headsets. When it comes to gaming, precision makes the difference. And if you're serious about your game, its time to stop playing around. When every click counts, count on Corsair Gaming.

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Emprex 6310U Ultra Slim Chiclet Keyboard (White)

Manufacturer: Emprex   CCL Code: KBD1100
Mnfr Code: 6310U-W

Was £10.08 - Save £4.10

Now only £5.98 inc VAT


Ducky Shine 4 Fire 69 Series

Manufacturer: Ducky   CCL Code: KBD0956
Mnfr Code: 1408SD-ZUKALAAZ2

£161.00 inc VAT


CiT KB-2106U USB Keyboard Black
UK Layout

Manufacturer: CiT   CCL Code: KBD1186
Mnfr Code: KB-2106U

£3.60 inc VAT


OZONE Strike Battle Backlit Mechanical Compact Gaming Keyboard - UK Layout (Cherry MX Red)

Manufacturer: Ozone   CCL Code: KBD0964

£65.51 inc VAT


Microsoft 600 USB Wired Keyboard (Black)

Manufacturer: Microsoft   CCL Code: KBD0395
Mnfr Code: ANB-00006

RRP £15.70 - Save £6.32

CCL Price £9.38 inc VAT


Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard - Wireless

Manufacturer: Microsoft   CCL Code: KBD0849
Mnfr Code: N9Z-00006

RRP £47.09 - Save £17.29

CCL Price £29.80 inc VAT


Razer Blackwidow Chroma Mechanical USB Keyboard

Manufacturer: Razer   CCL Code: KBD0902
Mnfr Code: RZ03-01220300-R3W1

£140.00 inc VAT


Ducky Mini 60% - Cherry MX Brown Switch - Dual-Colour LED - Silver

Manufacturer: Ducky   CCL Code: KBD0955
Mnfr Code: 461SD-BUKALASBR1

£100.00 inc VAT


ZM-K400G Gaming Keyboard
with Programmable Keys

Manufacturer: Zalman   CCL Code: KBD0599
Mnfr Code: ZM-K400G

£19.07 inc VAT


ROCCAT Ryos MK Advanced  Mechanical Gaming        Keyboard with Cherry MX

Manufacturer: Roccat   CCL Code: KBD0766
Mnfr Code: ROC-12-602-BK

£64.16 inc VAT


Microsoft 200 USB Wired Keyboard (Black)

Manufacturer: Microsoft   CCL Code: KBD0391
Mnfr Code: JWD-00032

Was £8.09 - Save £0.73

Now only £7.36 inc VAT


CM Storm Quick Fire Ultimate Brown Cherry MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Full LED Backlit  - SGK-4011-GKCM1-UK

Manufacturer: CM Storm   CCL Code: KBD0799
Mnfr Code: SGK-4011-GKCM1-UK

£87.65 inc VAT


Powercool Lightning LED Blue/Red/Purple Keyboard + 3200DPI Gaming Mouse Kit
Backlit keyboard and mouse combo, easy to see in the dark or low-light conditions!

Manufacturer: Powercool   CCL Code: KBD0898

£13.99 inc VAT


Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400

Manufacturer: Logitech   CCL Code: KBD0361
Mnfr Code: 920-003116

Was £36.49 - Save £4.04

Now only £32.45 inc VAT


Ducky DK2087S Zero Shine TKL Blue Cherry MX Switch Blue LED

Manufacturer: Ducky   CCL Code: KBD0882
Mnfr Code: DK2087S-CUKALAAB1

£89.99 inc VAT


Ducky Legend - White LED - Blue Cherry MX Switch - Black Aluminium

Manufacturer: Ducky   CCL Code: KBD0951
Mnfr Code: 408S-CUKALASW2

£130.01 inc VAT


Ducky Shine 4 Mechanical Keyboard Dual Blue / Red LED Brown Cherry MX Switch - UK Layout

Manufacturer: Ducky   CCL Code: KBD0915

£150.71 inc VAT


SPEEDLINK Parthica Core Professional Gaming Keyboard with LED Illumination (UK Layout)

Manufacturer: Speed-Link   CCL Code: KBD0828
Mnfr Code: SL-6482-BK-UK

£34.99 inc VAT


ZM-K200M Multimedia Keyboard
With 10 Hot Keys

Manufacturer: Zalman   CCL Code: KBD0597
Mnfr Code: ZM-K200M

£5.15 inc VAT


Genius Comfy KB-06XE Black
Black desktop keyboard with USB connector

Manufacturer: Genius   CCL Code: KBD0230
Mnfr Code: 31300693124

Was £7.55 - Save £1.09

Now only £6.46 inc VAT