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Saitek X52 Pro Flight Control System Review

Martin requests to taxi his desk and take off with this immersive flight control system from Saitek. (more)

Review - SteelSeries SRW-S1

In this article Connell takes a look at the SRW-S1 USB racing / simulation wheel from SteelSeries (more)

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Razer announce more affordable gaming keypad called Tartarus

Successor to the popular Razer Nostromo and new little brother to the Orbweaver (more)

The Omni - Experience Full Virtual Reality Movement

Walk, run, jump, crouch, Omni moves with you and your game (more)

G.Skill To Enter The World Of Peripherals

Gaming headsets to be on show at Computex 2013 (more)

Steelseries free mobile wireless controller and Flux headset

New Pocket-Sized, Wireless Controller and Headset for mobile gaming, tablets and smartphones out now. (more)

Battlefield 3 is officially EA's fastest ever seller

EA admits it was caught out by the popularity of Battlefield 3, with ten million copies being ordered from its distribution centres. (more)

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Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller for Windows (Black)

Manufacturer: Microsoft   CCL Code: XBX0008
Mnfr Code: 52A-00005

£20.10 inc VAT


Thrustmaster T.16000M Joystick

Manufacturer: Thurstmaster   CCL Code: JOY0116
Mnfr Code: 2960706

£34.06 inc VAT


Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows (Black)
Supplied with the Receiver to be able to use out of the box with Windows 7

Manufacturer: Microsoft   CCL Code: XBX0018
Mnfr Code: JR9-00010

£27.36 inc VAT


Razer Tartarus Expert Gaming Keypad

Manufacturer: Razer   CCL Code: KBD0761
Mnfr Code: RZ07-01030100-R3M1

£72.00 inc VAT


SPEEDLINK Drift O.Z. PC Gaming Racing Wheel, Black/Orange (SL-6695-BKOR-01)

Manufacturer: Speed-Link   CCL Code: JOY0133
Mnfr Code: SL-6695-BKOR-01

£40.00 inc VAT


Thrustmaster USB Joystick

Manufacturer: Thurstmaster   CCL Code: JOY0128
Mnfr Code: 2960623

£11.51 inc VAT


SPEEDLINK Strike USB Gamepad for PC, 1.9m, Black (SL-6535-BK)

Manufacturer: Speed-Link   CCL Code: JOY0169
Mnfr Code: SL-6535-BK

£9.84 inc VAT


Speedlink Black Widow Extreme Joystick
USB 2.0

Manufacturer: Speed-Link   CCL Code: JOY0035
Mnfr Code: SL-6640

£23.71 inc VAT


Thrustmaster GPX Lightback Controller Ferrari Edition for Xbox 360/PC

Manufacturer: Thurstmaster   CCL Code: JOY0140
Mnfr Code: 4460098

£33.23 inc VAT


Saitek Pro Flight Backlit Information Panel

Manufacturer: Saitek   CCL Code: JOY0052
Mnfr Code: SCB432040002/04/1

£104.99 inc VAT


Saitek Pro Flight Yoke Flight Simulator
with 3 Lever Control

Manufacturer: Saitek   CCL Code: JOY2023
Mnfr Code: PZ44

£118.38 inc VAT


Thrustmaster T500 RS Steering Wheel for PlayStation 3

Manufacturer: Thurstmaster   CCL Code: JOY0137
Mnfr Code: 4168044

£336.85 inc VAT


SPEEDLINK Competition Pro USB PC Joystick Sports Tournament Edition

SPEEDLINK Competition Pro USB PC Joystick Sports Tournament Edition

Classic games included are California Games, Winter Games and Summer Games!
A joystick for any retro enthusiast that will instantly transport you back to the 80's!!*

*Mentally, not physically!

Manufacturer: Speed-Link   CCL Code: JOY0146
Mnfr Code: SL-6603-SPORTS-EU

£15.17 inc VAT


SPEEDLINK Dark Tornado USB Flightstick with Force Vibration, Black (SL-6632-BK)

Manufacturer: Speed-Link   CCL Code: JOY0167
Mnfr Code: SL-6632-BK

£15.17 inc VAT


SPEEDLINK Xeox Pro Analog Wireless PC Gamepad, Black (SL-6566-BK)

Manufacturer: Speed-Link   CCL Code: JOY0170
Mnfr Code: SL-6566-BK

£22.32 inc VAT


SPEEDLINK Torid Wireless Gamepad for PC/PS3, Black (SL-6576-BK)

Manufacturer: Speed-Link   CCL Code: JOY0166
Mnfr Code: SL-6576-BK

£23.09 inc VAT


Thrustmaster Ferrari Challenge Racing Wheel for PS3/PC

Manufacturer: Thurstmaster   CCL Code: JOY0139
Mnfr Code: 4160525

£26.18 inc VAT


Cyborg F.L.Y 5 PC Flight Stick

Manufacturer: Cyborg   CCL Code: JOY0059
Mnfr Code: CCB4330200B2/06/1

£43.97 inc VAT


Saitek P235 Rudder and Brake Pedals
USB / Tension Adjustment

Manufacturer: Saitek   CCL Code: JOY2024
Mnfr Code: PZ35

£89.83 inc VAT


Genius MaxFire G-08X2 Gamepad (Black) for PC

Manufacturer: Genius   CCL Code: JOY0161
Mnfr Code: 31610029100

£4.28 inc VAT